Academic ghostwriting: The external impact of an industry

Academic ghostwriting is currently facing a massive image problem.

It is associated with plagiarism or deception through a mixture of half-knowledge and dislike.

Again and again, new agencies appear on the market, advertise with supposed quality, seriousness, euphoric customer statements and chic logos. Behind many of these agencies is nothing more than a person who is a mediator, advertising agency and ghostwriter in personal union.

Unfortunately, some ghostwriters are not ashamed to advertise in unfair ways, to accuse competitors of fraud and to use every little opportunity of self-promotion, for example through one-line forum posts and comments that are not about the topic, but above all the reference to dedicate your own page or service. In this way, a picture emerges that easily generalizes outsiders, without taking into account the differences between the service providers.

The fact is, there are companies that try to outsmart both their customers and their employees alike:

Employees – in some cases students who lack the necessary resources – are satisfied with a side fee of 20 euros or less and deliver texts that often show no sovereignty in dealing with the subject. The customers, who pay much higher prices, are then exposed to the risk of nasty surprises, the agency speculating that the majority of customers will simply accept the defective service for the sake of discretion and get over the financial loss.

Serious agencies work fundamentally differently: The reason for their success – and their long-standing existence – has several causes:

A concrete and detailed agreement with the customers on structure, literature and orientation of the work.

The selection of high quality and experienced authors from different fields.

The payment of reasonable fees.

A fair and compliant regulation for all parties, should it unexpectedly come to complaints.

Customers should therefore be well informed before choosing a ghostwriting service provider about its way of working – just because the image that the industry delivers, often leaves much to be desired.