Academic Ghostwriting: The Prices

Flat rate or per page? Per hour, per word or per character? Amortization or luxury rates?

As different as the ghostwriters and their agencies are, so different are the models of pricing. Making price comparisons can quickly turn into complicated calculations when the agencies do not have consistent benchmarks.

While tasks such as SEO texts often involve payment by word or by sign, and the fees are usually very low, high-priced providers only start after a larger down payment. Some providers have extremely transparent price calculator, others are reluctant to look in the cards and deliver the information only on request.

A realistic pricing model always has to come from the effort of the participants.

For scientific papers, this effort depends heavily on how much time must be spent in the literature search and evaluation, which level of academic abstraction is desired, how complex the topic itself is, what creative performance is required, and whether additional costs for literature are added.

Anyone who needs a scientific text and puts it on low-cost providers, at least goes at a high risk of receiving a weak or even deficient text.

However, providers with higher prices do not guarantee good quality per se: the decisive factor is the overall package of respectability, competence and a realistic price that takes into account the interests of the agency, ghostwriter and customer.

In any case, it pays to be well informed – at prices, but also on how the agencies and their writers work. If you pay attention exclusively to the price, you may end up paying several times – because the texts provided by low-cost providers may prove useless.