Can I have my master’s thesis written with you?

A master’s thesis places high demands on the author. Requirements that make the idea of ​​using a ghostwriter sometimes tempting.

While the network advertises a large number of freelance or agency ghostwriters for the service “Let’s write a thesis”, the legal situation is clear: who buys an exam and still declares to have written the thesis independently, must expect consequences – provided this can be proved. However, this is extremely difficult to impossible, so that a high dark figure may exist.

However, it is also different:

ghostwriters are not always used for the actual writing, because they also have strengths in other areas, such as in the literature search and research, the excerpting of texts and in creating a general overview of a topic. These activities are aids that are usually quite legitimate – just as it is the conversation with fellow students who critically read the work, make comments and make suggestions for improvement.

Anyone who needs any academic text in the context of a diploma, master’s, master’s or bachelor’s thesis, and relies on scientific ghostwriter does not necessarily violate the ethics of science. However, it is important to find out in advance exactly about the limits of the permissible, since each auditor here sets other standards.

However, if you ask ghostwriting agencies for the service “write a thesis” – not very subtly – you will get a positive answer in most cases.

Because for agencies, such an order differs in most cases from the more discreet request – a text order in the “style of a master’s thesis”. Agencies and ghostwriters see themselves as reputable and discreet service providers who do not ask about the purpose of the work they have created.