Small psychology of academic ghostwriting

Individuals considering the use of academic ghostwriters often do so under great stress.

Hectic offers are considered. Until the delivery of the text many uncertainties remain…

Problems in writing scientific texts often occur – from scheduling difficulties to a lack of understanding of the literature situation to the lack of stamina.

All these problems are not a personal flaw, but can be a great deal of discouragement. Just perfectionists who work on every sentence right up to the end can be under great time pressure. At the end there is the realization: “It is not enough.”

In this stressful and disappointing situation is now the search for a ghostwriter, at the same time the inner doubts are louder: Which agency or which author has the necessary skills? How do I know it’s the right ghostwriter? That the text is delivered on time? That he meets my expectations? Is ghostwriting not a strange industry where the risk of being cheated is high? Worn down the thoughts and time goes by. Ultimately, it comes to a hasty decision …

From a ghostwriter’s point of view, the situation is different:

the customer needs a comprehensive, competently written text on a very special topic – preferably already yesterday. There is hardly any time left to search for literature, especially when foreign-language works from abroad have to be ordered. With much effort and a lot of time, the author tries to make the most of the situation, to savor all research possibilities and to create a text that meets the requirements. This succeeds in the end. However, the text would have benefited enormously from a greater amount of time – a timely decision to outsource writing is usually the better option and allows a smooth and orderly exchange of ideas between the client and the ghostwriter. This ensures that the work is not only formally correct, but also “round”.